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Visit us for the quick and thorough removal of unwanted facial hair

Our technicians are gentle and experienced. Remove unwanted hair today.

Whether you want to have your eyebrows arched or have hair removed from your chin, lip, neck, or sides of your face - we can help. Only high quality products are used at our clean, comfortable salon.


You'll have control over the amount of hair we remove. After visiting our gentle technicians, you will be glad you came to see us. Make an appointment to get rid of your unwanted facial hair today.

You can experience facial waxing services that will leave your face free from hair for weeks. Stop using methods, such as tweezing, to groom your eyebrows yourself. Don't take the risk of messing up! Visit Christyles Hair Studio and allow our professional technicians to give you the results you want at prices you can afford. You'll be amazed at how you look after visiting our comfortable, conveniently located hair studio.

Benefit from facial waxing services that will last for weeks

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